Warren, Therese H.

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Therese H. “Terry” Warren, of Blacksburg, Va., passed peacefully on March 9, 2023. Born in 1934, Terry was a strong woman before being a strong woman was a thing.

More than a dedicated wife and mother, she was also a talented artist and entrepreneur. Terry easily moved between artistic mediums, including sewing, painting, jewelry, sculpture, photography, and restoring antiques. Her artistry also showed through in her ability to transform an older home or condo into a showpiece overnight.

For 37 years, she was a successful Realtor in Naples, Florida, retiring from the business when she was 82. A fixture in the community, everyone knew Terry, and she lived there until moving to Virginia in 2018.

She had class and style right up to the end of her long and distinguished life.

Terry was preceded in passing by her husband of many years, William Warren, and is survived by her five children, Mark, Marie, David, Shannon, and Christopher, along with five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.