Sutton, Roger Clark

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Roger Clark Sutton, 72 years old, a Vietnam War Veteran, died at Montgomery County Hospital. He lived at Heritage Hall, and died from the neglect from the home, that I thought he was safe in. Roger received full Military Honors.

Mr. Sutton was born August 7, 1947 in Decatur, Illinois, the son of Harold Clark Sutton and Opal V. (Miller) Lowe. Roger married Bevery Jean Sutton (Dotson). He was married to her for 28 years. She passed away November 27, 2007. Roger will be buried beside her.

Surviving are his daughter, Diane Feather; 2 grandson, Isiac F. Feathers and Ethan A. Feathers; and 1 sister, Charlotte Larkin. Preceding him in death were, parents; grandparents; brother, Victor Sutton; sister, Nelda M. Talbett; first cousin, Raymond Howell; as well as many others.