Simpson, Sharon Jay

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Sharon Jay Simpson, 75, passed away on February 5, 2019 in the home she and her loving husband, Jerry built together in Back Valley, WV (aka Hippie Holler).

She is survived by Jerry, daughters Maggie and Molly, son-in-law Patrice Abivin, grandson Ames Abivin, and granddaughter Shay Isabella Sarmiento. In addition to family members she leaves behind many friends, her devoted dog Fletcher, and three cats: Gracie, Booger and Sissy; all of whom cared for Sharon the best they knew how – curling up beside her, nuzzling her with a cold wet nose, and leaving countless dead moles at the doorstep.

Sharon raised her daughters to love the outdoors and never protested when they brought them in – from toads to possums, snakes to baby birds, she never kept the girls from getting close to wild things. She taught them other stuff too, like to read, write and to speak their minds (and that TV would rot them). And also that no matter the taste, people would eat food if it looked good – presentation was key. It should be noted that Sharon was an excellent cook, her dishes tasted as good as they looked and they were all dressed to the nines.

Her food was so good because she grew most of it herself, spending years carefully cultivating the perfect garden and loved sharing the fruits (and vegetables) of her labor with those around her, whether it was a fresh basket of snap peas, hot pepper jelly, or home-canned beets.

Sharon was a true DIY master. Before slime videos ruled the internet, she was making it from scratch with the Back Valley kids. She built custom frames for artwork and photographs, knit scarves and hats, made terrariums for newts (another frequent visitor to the house), sewed Halloween costumes (Kelly Bundy was a favorite) and handmade some pretty incredible papier-mâché sculptures – all of which were overstuffed with candy and bashed to pieces by blindfolded, sugar-crazed wild children.

Sharon was preceded in death by her mother and father, Janet and Kenneth Boyle and her brothers Kenneth Boyle and Robert Boyle.

Sharon’s life will be celebrated at a private memorial service to be held in her garden in the near future. The Kendall Funeral Home in Pembroke, VA is in charge of arrangements. Online condolences may be sent by visiting