Rosenthal, Joy

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Our beloved wife and mother, Joy Rosenthal, [] a Virginia Tech faculty in the School of Visual Arts (SOVA), passed away suddenly at home on Tuesday, November 7, around 12:30 pm (she had a massive heart attack). She was 57. She was cut in her prime.

Djordje Minic (59) and Joy had 33 glorious, unforgettable years together. Their children Esther Minic-Rosenthal (24), David Minic-Rosenthal (17) and Djordje are utterly devastated and engulfed in sorrow.

Joy was the love of our life, she was our life. She was the kindest, sweetest, warmest, most loving, most creative and most giving person. She was so beautiful, so unique and we adored her. We simply worshiped her. She was our rock, our guiding light. She was everything to us, and more.
How are we going to continue without her?
We don’t know, but we have to, to honor her brilliant memory.
To paraphrase Samuel Beckett: “We can’t go on, we’ll go on.”
David, Esther and Djordje