Poff, Daniel Joseph

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Daniel (Danl) Joseph Poff, 24, of Radford, VA, left this world as a result of an ATV accident on July 4, 2022. Daniel was born July 11, 1997 in Floyd, VA. He was the son of Dale and Reva Poff.

Daniel was the youngest of the 3 Poff boys that never had a dull moment (bless their folks’ hearts). If you met them, you would know that these 3 brothers always took care of each other. They were a handful, but always lived and worked hard and loved family with their whole hearts. As grown men, they are the finest you will ever meet.

Daniel loved his home where he grew up. He loved hunting and walking through the woods and spending time with God’s creations. Till the day he passed, he always wanted to return home to live out his life and create many more memories.

In 2015, Daniel saw a young lady working at Wade’s and stalked her on Facebook, even made his Nanny and his friends drive him to Wades from work just to get to talk to her. She kept resisting, but Daniel is no quitter. She finally gave in and their relationship became one for the history books. He kept telling her folks, “one day Im gonna marry your daughter”…… and he did.

Daniel and Kaitlyn married in 2016 and they lived in Radford, VA where they had the most perfect little mini farm started. Daniel had his garage where there was a revolving door of vehicles in and out getting repairs, torn apart and put back together or anything else him and his friends could do to them. Their home was the place everyone wanted to come hangout. Their love and their relationship was so strong that everyone wanted their relationships to be like theirs. They had what only most could dream of…..it just wasn’t long enough.

Daniel’s heart was larger than life. He wanted to help everyone. He would put himself in a bind overextending his time to help others. He wanted people’s lives to be better and would do anything to try to help them out. He would always carry that joy wherever he went and had a smile that was contagious. Daniel loved his and Kaitlyn’s friends with every fiber of his being. You knew you were loved when you were with him.

Daniel is survived by those that cherish him and will never be the same without him; his wife and soulmate Kaitlyn Funkhouser Poff, his parents Dale and Reva Poff, his brothers Evan Poff and Alex Poff (spouse) Lindsey Poff, his Nanny and Granny, his niece Ceanna Poff, his second set of parents Jeff and Deb Funkhouser, His furbabies, Annabelle and Callie (pups), Buck (calf), Charlotte (pig), Jethro (donkey) Chickens (Bo & Luke aka Lucy & Ethel) Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and numerous friends that are way too many to list… you know who you are!!!! We ask one thing of all that loved Daniel, do not let his passing stop the living.

Live and Love Like Daniel ❤️