Maxwell, Justin Massie

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Justin Massie Maxwell left this world on Monday January 30, 2023. He resided in Hiwassee, Virginia.

There will be more fish swimming in the river as Justin is no longer around to fish the rivers that he loved. Justin was an avid fisherman and an extremely gifted skateboarder, snowboarder, paintball player, and artist. He enjoyed staying up late at night playing Xbox with his brother Lucas, as well as going to the local disc golf course. He loved going out in the Great Outdoors to do many fun things. He liked all kinds of music and watched all sorts of movies. Justin owned many motorcycles over his life time and enjoyed going to Daytona and out for long rides with his dad. He grew up riding dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, Jeeps, and adventuring all around the beautiful area that he lived in. He had a special interest in keeping beautiful aquariums. He spent hours watching and cleaning his tanks, which were true living pieces of art, just like he was.

They say that the brightest stars have the darkest shadows. The true Justin was the kindest, gentlest, and most caring person anyone knew. He loved animals and his family. He loved God and was “On Track With Jesus.”

Unfortunately, Justin’s life was ravaged by mental illness, which started affecting him when he was seventeen years old. Justin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia which later on was re-diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder. This illness tormented him, his family and friends for many years in a cyclical nature, which is the case for so many struggling with disorders such as these. Most of us had not seen “the real Justin” for a long time.

There are no known cures for this disease and the medicines available at this time have unfortunate side effects which are not conducive for a quality life. Justin and many other people who suffer from these diseases have no desire to take the medicine offered by the mental health system because of this. Justin and many others simply run out of good options.

Although he had his struggles, Justin was and will always be deeply loved. He will be remembered as a bright, shining star, and his spirit will forever shine in the night sky and in our hearts.

Justin leaves behind his loving family:
Mother: Alisa Colpitts, Maternal Sister & Brother: Alaina & Lucas Colpitts, Grandmother: Patricia Smith.
Father; Randall Maxwell , Stepmother: Karen Maxwell, Paternal Sisters: Jessica, Ciara, Alexis Maxwell, and Catherine Maxwell Szczur.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Justin’s memory to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)