Marsh, Agnes Marjorie

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Emma Louvenia and John Brown Watson created three daughters.

Yolande, the first, probably named for W.E.B. DuBois’ daughter, because John Brown attended and graduated from Fisk University. Ann Elizabeth, their second, was born a year and a day after the first. They were called “Irish” twins because of that closeness. Agnes Marjorie came along on 6 March 1923. Agnes was taller and larger than both her sisters so she was able to defend herself from the harassment baby sisters typically receive. All three young women were both beautiful and smart. They succeeded in school and were faithful in church.

The second husband of Agnes was Clinton Marsh, a Presbyterian minister. Agnes was good company, as a ministers wife is expected to be. She easily met and made friends. She was adventuresome with food also. She loved to read and a good conversation was as important to her as a good cocktail.

Agnes was more adventuresome than her older sisters. She, by her mid years, had traveled to all fifty states and every continent on Earth except Antarctica. When playing cards with her baby nieces, Allison and Nikki, several years ago, she mentioned she had never been to Antarctica. Both nieces replied “Well, if we don’t go soon one of us won’t be here.” The three in addition to their friend Ginney Fowler took off for the South, seeing icebergs, penguins, and all the beautiful stars of the night.

One of her saddest days was the burial of her oldest son, William Theophilus Chapman. Her baby son, John Terrell Chapman, named for her father John and her mother’s maiden name, survives her. On the 19th of March 2017 she transitioned. Her ashes will rest next to Clinton in Blacksburg but her soul was already speeding to Heaven to have a bit of gossip and laughter with her sisters. We wait with other family and friends to understand how we will memorialize her.