Lucas, Virginia Pinson

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When Saturday morning, November 28, 2020, began at Midnight, the Lord said, “Ginny Lucas, come home.” And so she took flight! There was the Lord! Bud! Oh yes! Bud! Her parents, her Grandma! A brother she didn’t get to know. And little Cameron Jesse Ayres! My mother and daddy locked hands; she raced him through so many folks she had not seen for so long, hugging, kissing!

In the beginning, Daddy was a mechanic; Mom, a beautician. She lived in Narrows, worked in Pearisburg, and would hitch a ride to and from work: small-town flavor. They would marry at Bane, with the preacher sitting on a rail fence, a lantern close by for light, Septem ber 17, 1938. The preacher asked, “Ginny, what’s wrong? Are you nervous?” She said, “You better tie this knot tight. I’m not doing this again.” Together, 61 years. Apart, 21. Reunited.

Time moves. Sweet baby girl, Becky, comes along. Owning a grocery store on Curve Rd. Daddy starts with Celanese; then, buying a farm on the edge of town, few horses, cattle, pigs. Mom would help bringing calves and lambs into the world. Helped with mowing hay. Our home was where a few relatives would stay a week following surgery, illness, or with a new baby. Mother and Daddy built a good life. We moved to Buchanan St. That was home for 50 years.

I married Ron Ayres; Mother and Daddy adored him. We have Melissa and Tim. Talk about adoration, Mother and Daddy were so in love with them! Tim’s wife is Jeannine. They have Lucas, Megan, Jessie, and Cameron who lives in Heaven. More people to love!

For two years, four delightful ladies came to help with Mom, Jimmie, Frances, Shelby, Pat, part of our family. In Mom’s last two and a half years, she lived at Hermitage Roanoke. I cannot begin to tell you how delightful and caring that staff is. I am so grateful I belong to Bud and Ginny Lucas.

Love you and enjoy again,

From Melissa: When I think back on my grandparents, together in their prime, I think of the laughter and love. Ging-Ging had a slap-your-leg laugh, and Paw-Paw had a mischievous grin. When they told a BIG TALE, Ging did all the story-telling. She would pause, look at Paw-Paw, and he would fill in the details: family name, kin, location, date. Then Ging would continue the story. Together, they had it all. I love you both and miss you so much.
Love, Melissa.

From Tim: I always think of Paw Paw and Ging Ging at Thanksgiving. Loved going there. Mashed potatoes were my favorite. All the neighbors coming in the kitchen. Turkey, custard, peanut butter fudge. I’ve always cherished those times and miss them dearly. I imagine them every year and countless times throughout the year. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but I knew then and I know now, family is the most important thing we have and I love you all so very much.

Visitation at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, service at 2 p.m. Givens Funeral Home Chapel, Pearisburg with the Rev. Dr. Fred L. Austin officiating with burial following in the Birchlawn Burial Park in Pearisburg, VA. We will be observing COVID-19 precautions, please wear a mask and social distance. Online condolences can be sent to the family at