Hodge, Jon Lucas

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On November the 12th, 2020, Jon Lucas Hodge went to his eternal home to be with the Lord and loved ones. His homecoming is bittersweet. Some of the greatest moments we have in life is experiencing them with loved ones. Those memories get wrapped up in hugs, laughter, and tears. Jon gave the best hugs. More often than naught, he gave the best of himself in many ways. Those strong hands lifted boxes, appliances, guitar picks, and sometimes us or the back end of vehicles.

His Samson-like strength paled in comparison to the love in his heart for the Lord, family, and friends. He truly lived out the Hodge legacy of caring for others. Family was dearly important to him. One of the best things is that Everyone loved him back. His immediate family: Dear Father and Mother: Terry and Mandy Hodge, Sisters: Joan Hodge-Benson, and Jamie Hodge, Nephews: Will, Wesley, and Waylen Ellis and Niece: Heather Benson, brothers in-law: Wes Benson and Carlos Sabalza.

This included the whole family. Grandmal, uncles, aunts, great aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins (or cousins first removed)… Honestly, the family is so vast there is no shortage of love. If Jon saw you, it was a given there would be a hug received. Not just a regular hug. The kind that could crack your back or mend your heart. Jon loved his extended family in the form of friends as well. There was no bias: if you’re a friend, you were getting a hug just like you were family. This is one of the things we all treasure, and will miss on this side of the journey home.

He inevitably got use to being ‘voluntold’ by either, Daddy, Momma, or myself to help with something. Usually, he had planned to help anyway. He impressed everyone with his strength, but more so with his heart to help. His spirit of helpfulness led him to preach a sermon in Surfside Beach, SC. His love for Christ was on his mind, heart, and soul. He realized out of everything he could do, the Lord meant for him to share the Gospel and preach the word. The collection of books he had rivaled Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million; two of his favorite stores. The ones he treasured most: his Bibles.

Jon was proof that the Lord has Jeremiah 29:11 as a promise to all of us. Jon is proof that Romans 8:28 is true. His seizures, though painful and detrimental, Never stopped his ability to love each of us and serve the Lord. The ability to withstand that pain, and still want to love the Lord, as well as us, should inspire us all to endeavor to trust God and lean on Him as Proverbs 3; 5,6 tells us. Jon was and is proof that because God loved us first and we love God, love conquers all.

Even in his last moments here, I believe he used them out of love to try one more time to stay: for us. It is okay to be sad, hurt, and brokenhearted he went home sooner than any of us expected. It is okay to miss him.

If there is anything to know for certain it is that because of a great love from the Heavenly Father, this is not the end. Jon, I am quite convinced, has already started a beautiful song of Praise. He is not hurting anymore. This time, when his hands are up, they are in pure worship and praise. That amazing voice is extolling the King most High.

When gold is used for asphalt, the treasures up in heaven are the Lord and our loved ones. Let us hold tight to one another in honor of our sweet Jon Pig. Let us hold tighter still to the promises of our Lord and Savior. Do what you know is right in the eyes of the Lord. Love the Lord with all you heart, soul, and mind.

One day, there will be no more tears. Just worship, laughter, and hugs. Jon is waiting to hug us all again. Until that time, sweet son, brother, cousin, and friend, we mourn you greatly as we love you immensely. Though many a word composed here to honor your memory does no justice to the loss of your presence here, we take comfort in knowing you are in no more pain. Well done, good and faithful servant.