Gaines, James Abner

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James Abner Gaines was laid to rest in a natural home burial at sunset on April 15, 2020, beside his beloved wife, Elaine.
Jim Gaines:
Husband to one.
Father to nine.
Grandfather to twenty-eight.
Great-grandfather to five.
An incredibly gracious, kind, and appreciative man.
A fabulous communicator.
An unrivaled craftsman.
A witty jokester.
A lover of fine whiskey, meat, the outdoors, tools, cattle, and pigs.
A veteran of both World War II and the Korean War.
A Texan and a Virginian.
A wearer of bolo ties and blue jeans.
A happy soul.
A man of intellect and ingenuity.
A figurehead of good will and kindheartedness.

His legacy will live on through the Gaines family, and all who have known and loved him through the years.