Frye, Gloria

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February 12, 1947 – January 14, 2024 We are deeply saddened to announce the peaceful passing of our beloved matriarch, Gloria Frye. Gloria, our guide, mentor, and friend, departed this world surrounded by the love of her family.

Gloria spent her life fully embodying the values of kindness and compassion that remained her guiding principles. She possessed a boundless spirit of philanthropy, never missing an opportunity to extend her assistance to others and teach these values to her cherished kin.

Gloria’s joy was a simple walk in the park on a fine day, enjoying the peace and composure brought by nature. Her appreciation for such simple pleasures served as a beautiful testament to her humble, loving character.

As a mentor, she imparted lessons of empathy and warmth to her grandchildren and great granddaughter, nurturing their ability to see and value the humanity in everyone. Her life has been an enduring lesson in kindness, selflessness, and love.

Gloria’s memory will forever remain firmly imbedded in the hearts of her well-loved family, who reflect her values and virtues in their daily lives. Her spirit lives on through their acts of kindness, understanding, and love, her greatest legacy to the world.

In this sorrowful time, we remember Gloria not with tears of grief but with endless gratitude for having been blessed with her gentle guidance and unyielding love. She will be greatly missed, forever cherished, and never forgotten.

The Frye family is in the care of Mullins Funeral Home & Crematory in Radford.