Faulkner, Aaron Heath

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Aaron Heath Faulkner, 43, of Bland, VA, passed away Sunday, March 29, 2020. Aaron was born in Radford, VA. He graduated from Bland High School and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science from Radford University. At the time of his passing, he worked at ABB in Bland, VA. He was a local artisan who is noted for his woodworking and decorative wooden boxes.

As a person, Aaron was quick of wit and always full of good humor and ready to share a laugh and a smile. He had a broad range of interests, including sci-fi and fantasy, cultures and belief systems, movies, making things by hand and spending time outdoors. Inside of the tough exterior that he often liked to show to the world was a smart, curious and caring person who was there to lend a hand when needed.

Aaron was preceded in death by his grandparents, Bill & Allene Breedlove and Clyde & Clara Faulkner.

Aaron is survived by his wife, Kristi; daughter, Casey; his parents, C.L. (Brenda) Faulkner and Janet Breedlove Faulkner; his brother & sister-in-law, Eric & Sherron Faulkner; half-brother, Cole Faulkner and half-sister, Jordan Faulkner; his nephew, Logan; and the rest of his family and friends, too many to list.

Following the mandated assembly restrictions, we regret that a traditional public viewing and funeral service is not possible.

The Faulkner family is in the care of A. Vest & Sons Funeral Home, White Gate, avestandsons.com, (540) 921-2985.


As a child, my brother, Aaron was my partner in adventure. We did everything together. Our childhood was like the Dr. Seuss story “Oh, the Places You Will Go!” or some country-fried version of Calvin and Hobbes. I would like to share a few memories to celebrate your life and the experiences that shaped us both.

As a small boy, I remember you helping pull me away from the pig pen when an inquisitive pig latched onto and ate my red rubber Snoopy boot. You would encourage me when I was afraid of heights, climbing trees and random cliff faces, and I would encourage you when you were afraid of cows. That is just the kind of thing that brothers did for one another. You were always ready to fight the monsters for me at times when I was afraid of the dark. Despite your gruff exterior and the nickname “Rebel,” I remember gentle moments snuggling kittens and baby chicks and the wide-eyed wonder of tiny miracles that could be found under rock or fallen log.

Half of our time was (and perhaps still is) experienced through the lens of our over-active imaginations. We spent much of our youth acting out adventures in fields and farms and far-flung corners of the wilderness around Bland County, Virginia, which to us was anything but Bland. We were cowboys, soldiers, ninja, space explorers, monster hunters, and hardened warriors from ancient times, brandishing our stick-swords to vanquish foes and save innocents with unflinching resolve. The large rocks on our grandparent’s farm were consistently repurposed as forts, spaceships, and secret bases, fluctuating with our fancy that day. I remember one summer, when in their questionable wisdom, my parents decided it would be a good idea to buy both of us a bullwhip and machete so we could play Indiana Jones – that was epic. All of these experiences shaped a creativity and imagination that has permeated us to our core.

As young adrenaline activists, we would do things like destroy at least one or two plastic sleds zipping down hills or jumping over rockpiles, riding our bikes down a frozen creek, water skiing the 22-miles of Claytor Lake every spring to arrive with jelly legs at the end. When we went to water parks, we would always seek out the tallest slide. Admittedly, there were a few of the tallest roller coasters that I expressed a bit of trepidation about…but you always went ahead, sopping up all the exciting experiences life’s gravy had to offer.

You helped shape my love of music, sharing a range of things that I may not have stumbled onto without you. I helped fuel your love of the fantasy and sci fi genres, ensuring that we could always channel our inner geek through shared books, movies, and art…memories that I will always cherish.

Aaron, you were a multi-layered and complicated person. You lived life on your own terms, interspersed with wit and a mastery of sarcasm and good humor. Even though we may not have been of the same mind on all things and your bull-headed stubbornness was the stuff of legend, we were of the same mind on things that truly matter and you were always there for me when I needed you. Although your star burned briefly, it also burned brightly and there are many who will remember now and always your touches on this world. Your life was like a quote from your favorite guitarist, Angus Young of AC/DC: “I just go where the guitar takes me.” Though we are apart for a time, rock on brother, until we meet again on the other side.

With Love, your brother, Eric