Dover, Teresa Miller

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November 1st, 1965 – May 1st, 2021 With the passing of our beloved mother, daughter, sister, wife and grandmother, Teresa Ann Miller Dover, this heart breaking moment has left a silence that words can not begin to describe. As time moves ever forward the memories we hold will always remain the same. Most will know our mother Teresa was a mother of three who tried to give us the world; a loving wife to our father who she stood by in his hour of need when he lost the fight to cancer. She was an amazing daughter to two proud parents who was blessed with four amazing children who have gone past new heights to make the ones they loved a better place. Yet their parents were gone to soon to see the lives they have changed for the better. Her grandchildren Christine and Jade have lost the hardest of us all, for they will never know how much their “gum gum” truly loved them both, and will only know her through the memories we share. Teresa was a loving and caring person, who loved her job as a CNA and taking care of them for over twenty years. She was an animal lover through and through. She taught us everything has a purpose and should be loved equally. And her jokes were bad, but she still found them funny. She will always be with us no matter how far we go or distance we travel. We will hear her tell a bad joke or two and chuckle knowing that was Teresa Ann Miller Dover who just told it. We will forever love you mom, and our hearts and souls will keep you warm and close…. Your memory will forever live on through all you have touched.