Caruso, James Joseph

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amem_sunburst.jpgJames Joseph Caruso, 79, of Riner, died on September 9, 2007. On September 13, 2007, his family and friends held a memorial service to honor him.

We remembered him, Jim Caruso, our friend, for his incredible gift of conversation, great sense of humor, and, most of all, his love for all people. Jim Caruso was born in Cleveland, Ohio on September 14, 1929. He began working at The White Motor Company as a teenager. He then became a soldier and served his country fighting in Korea. After the war, Jim returned to The White Motor Company, where he worked until his retirement in the mid 1980’s.

With his wife Pauline, Jim had two sons, James and Joseph. In 1975, he moved from Cleveland to southwest Virginia, where The White Motor Company was setting up a new factory. He loved the area, and would remain in southwest Virginia for the rest of his life.

After Pauline died in 1980, Jim married Barbara, who shared many of his passions, especially traveling. Barbara passed away in 1991.Jim restarted his life in Virginia, moving from Christiansburg to what he called his “beautiful Riner.” It was from there, in the companionship of his Moose Lodge brothers, his bowling buddies and all the richness of the many friendships that he made, that he truly found his peace and his happiness.

Jim Caruso is survived by his two sons; his three grandchildren, Michael, Tiffany, and Mischa and his many friends. His family and his friends will sincerely miss his presence on earth, but know that we will always be deeply thankful for having had the rare pleasure of knowing someone so kind, interesting, loyal, and loving. Because of what we shared with Jim, he will always be alive in us.