Bush, Joshua David

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Joshua David Bush left this earth Tuesday, December 26, 2023. He was 48 years old. His cherished wife, Comfrey, and his loving momma, Mary Helen, witnessed his parting. The morning was quiet, raining. The window was open like he wanted with fresh air flowing in.

He was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Carl and Florence Howell, his uncles, Larry and Ken Howell, his paternal grandparents, Jean Bush and Fred Bush and a cousin, close to his age, James McDonald. Also during this hard cancer journey, his father-in-law, Ron Zajac, passed away in Taiwan.

Joshua was born in Abilene, Texas on January 6, 1975 to David and Mary Helen Bush. He has a sister, Michelle Simpson, (husband David) and a brother, Adam, (wife Nicole). He attended school mainly in Kenya, Africa, graduating from the International School of Kenya in 1992. He then graduated from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas with a B.S. in Physics and Computer Science and a certification in Education. Later in his life, he also completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

He has been a Software Developer, an international high school teacher for Physics, Math and other subjects, a high school volleyball and basketball coach, and most recently he worked as a Software Engineer.

He married Comfrey Enberg on May 11, 1997. They have four children, Aliyah Elliott (husband David), Caleb, Marshall and Oliver. They also have one granddaughter, Beatrix.

Other extended family members include: Comfrey’s sister and brother: Merriman Zajac and Winnie (Justin) McConaghy, nieces and nephews: Ellison, Tristan and Ashland Bush and Hunter and Danica Simpson. Aunts: Donna (Larry) McDonald, Nancy Bush, Peggy Howell, and several cousins living in California, Texas, Washington, DC and Michigan.

He lived internationally with his family most of his life including in Taiwan, Colombia, Albania and Guatemala. Everywhere they went, Josh opened his heart to the people God led him to love. He shared his home with those who needed it, eagerly learning their languages and their cultures to spread God’s joy with them. And in all that he did, he ceaselessly fought for what was right.

After so many years overseas, he and his family chose to return to the states, finding their new home in Blacksburg Virginia last year. They had countless plans to enjoy the hiking, the camping, the weather, and the mountains. They also wanted to be closer to their daughter in N.C., their son in N.Y., Josh’s family in Virginia and Georgia plus friends in the D.C. area and West Virginia. For a short season, he got to have all that. Even in just these few months, he had created so many deep bonds here.

Since March of this year, he has been battling an aggressive form of Double Hit Large B-Cell Lymphoma. He was active and healthy, and then suddenly he wasn’t. For nine months, he fought bravely, spending many days at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville. He was the model patient. Everyone who entered his room was greeted with a smile, “How are you today?” and an encouraging phrase for them to leave with. All who entered got a piece of light and a positive comment to continue their day with. He tried to encourage and spread love at every opportunity, even in his weakest moments. Though he lost the fight against the cancer, he claimed a great victory: a life filled with love, joy, and goodness.

Joshua’s memorial will be held at Northstar Church in Blacksburg Virginia, at 2:00pm, January 6. Family, friends, and all the rest are welcomed to come and celebrate his life with us.